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Tonight was thoroughly depressing.,.. 

Looks like I get to move back to VT now… Yay….. I guess…. Hopefully things work out… Just blows I have to drive back… 2600 miles… GG the coming week.

Can someone please explain the whole Vocaloid thing to me?! I just started listening to Miku Hatsune… I. Can’t. Stop. 

I realize the whole idea behind it, but the vocals … are they computer generated as well? Also, need more Vocaloids to check out! (That is how they are refereed to right?)

Finished the second season of Spice and Wolf… REALLY sad they didn’t finish out the store via Anime… Season two ends about half way through VOL05 of the Novel… I am at least alright with where they ended it I suppose… just wish we got to see the rest of Lawrence and Holo’s time together via Anime instead of having to reading it in another 12 Volumes…. Dammit Holo is soo cute!

Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh Refresh  … lol…

So I really need to get some new Earbuds for my MP3 player… looking for something that is really comfy and has really good sound… anyone have suggestions? Also I prefer the squishy ones that go in your ear (not ones like the default ipod earbuds) … if that makes sense…